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1Season 1 Apr. 06, 2016



Megumi Han isAdashino Benio
Adashino Benio
Natsuki Hanae isEnmadou Rokuro
Enmadou Rokuro
Junichi Suwabe isAmawaka Seigen
Amawaka Seigen
Ayumu Murase isIjika Yuuto
Ijika Yuuto
Kaito Ishikawa isIkaruga Shimon
Ikaruga Shimon
Kohsuke Toriumi isInanaki Arata
Inanaki Arata
Masaya Takatsuka isIoroi Narumi
Ioroi Narumi
Misako Tomioka isKaibara Haruka
Kaibara Haruka
Kiyono Yasuno isKasukami Cordelia
Kasukami Cordelia

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Anime Story

Twin Star Exorcists Subbed in English Watch hd quality online free episodes anime download full. Sousei no Onmyouji, Rokuro is from a family of exorcists, but he’d rather be a singer, a soccer player or anything but an exorcist! He’s forced to own up to his own incredible potential when new arrival Benio stirs his competitive spirit. But their rivalry gets a twist when they earn the prestigious title of “Twin Star Exorcists”—two supreme fighters fated to marry and birth the ultimate spiritual warrior!

Twin Star Exorcists Episodes
Anime Name 双星の陰陽師
Anime Rating 8.8 91 votes
First air Episode Apr. 06, 2016
Last air Episode Mar. 29, 2017
All Seasons 1
Total Episodes 50
Average Duration 24 minutes

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