Hiroshi Kamiya isYato (voice)
Yato (voice)
Maaya Uchida isHiyori Iki (voice)
Hiyori Iki (voice)
Yuki Kaji isYukine (voice)
Yukine (voice)
Miyuki Sawashiro isBishamon (voice)
Bishamon (voice)
Aki Toyosaki isKofuku (voice)
Kofuku (voice)
Jun Fukuyama isKazuma (voice)
Kazuma (voice)
Rie Kugimiya isNora (voice)
Nora (voice)
Daisuke Ono isDaikoku (voice)
Daikoku (voice)
Toru Okawa isTenjin (voice)
Tenjin (voice)

Anime Story

Noragami subbed in english watch online anime episodes free. Hiyori Iki is a normal middle school student until she was involved in a bus accident while trying to protect a stranger. This incident causes her soul to frequently slip out of her body, and she becomes aware of the existence of two parallel worlds. Through her soul, she meets the strange, nameless god without a shrine, Yato. Yato is determined to make a name for himself out there by accepting any wishes for 5 yen, including Hiyori’s to fix her body.

Noragami Episodes
Anime Name ノラガミ
Anime Rating 7.6 77 votes
First air Episode Jan. 05, 2014
Last air Episode Dec. 25, 2015
All Seasons 2
Total Episodes 25
Average Duration 24 minutes

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