Blood Blockade Battlefront Episodes

Blood Blockade Battlefront Episodes

Apr. 05, 2015

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Kazuya Nakai isZapp Renfro
Zapp Renfro
Rikiya Koyama isKalus von Reinherz
Kalus von Reinherz
Daisuke Sakaguchi isLeonardo Watch
Leonardo Watch
Akio Otsuka isBlitz T Abrams
Blitz T Abrams
Yuusuke Kobayashi isChain Sumeragi
Chain Sumeragi
Yuuma Uchida isSonic Speed Monkey
Sonic Speed Monkey
Mitsuru Miyamoto isSteven A. Starphase
Steven A. Starphase

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Blood Blockade Battlefront Subbed in English online free anime watch episodes download full hd quality. One day, New York City as we know it vanished overnight into a mysterious fog. Now known as Hellsalem’s Lot, it has become a place where another world beyond imagining is connected to our reality. The balance within this new world is protected by a secret society known as Libra. Leo, a journalist and photographer who arrives in the city, is unexpectedly recruited to join their ranks.Kekkai Sensen

Blood Blockade Battlefront Episodes
Anime Name 血界戦線
Anime Rating 7.4 30 votes
First air Episode Apr. 05, 2015
Last air Episode Dec. 23, 2017
All Seasons 2
Total Episodes 24
Average Duration 24 minutes

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